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 Apply by July 1, 2019 – funding available end of summer, 2019
The Dutchess County Executive and Dutchess Tourism recognize the important role the performing arts play in Dutchess County. In order to strengthen and grow the performing arts, a small fund is available to fund marketing or minor capital expenditures that will be reviewed and awarded through a competitive process.

Application for funding is by invitation only. The funding amount is no more or less than $12,000.

Marketing Projects:
To provide promotion of Dutchess County performing arts venues to increase tourism, expand markets, local resident awareness and participation.
Capital Projects:
Towards a venue’s capacity to increase attendance through minor capital expenditures that may include sound systems, minor facility repairs, or the like.
Steps to apply:
A letter explaining the funding desired (marketing or capital) with details about how the funding will assist your organization – detailed and brief is preferred.

  • A budget for the entire project - if the funding requested is part of the entire budget, please indicate other sources of funding, and if obtained or pending.
  • Applicants must be a Nonprofit organization registered with NYS or recognized as a 501(c)3 

 For marketing projects only:
Attach a detailed marketing plan that shows rationale for how funding will increase tourism, expand markets, local resident awareness or participation.

  • New marketing approaches or expansion of marketing efforts will be the most competitive.

 For capital projects only:
Applicant must have long term lease/own building.

  • Supply proof with application, along with a statement regarding any liens against the building, judgments, or pending lawsuits.
  • Capital funding not available for school-owned buildings.

Reporting on funding:
A Final Report detailing all outcomes of the funded project is due on or before December 31, 2019, OR 30 days after the completion of the project – whichever comes first. A report form will be provided from AMH via Submittable.  
Questions: contact AMH Grants Team grants@artsmidhudson.org or 845.454.3222