Welcome to the application for the Ulster County Cultural Services & Promotion Fund. 

In order to submit an application, you must first read the Guidelines. You can download our complete guidelines here:   

In addition to the questions below, the following documents must also be filled out and attached to this Submittable application. All documents must be exported to .pdf format before they are uploaded for submission. Those listed in blue are links to download the required forms:  

  • Capacity Building Initiative Budget (Excel download) 
  • Staff List – include a detailed list of who will perform the work. Include a brief bio of key persons involved in implementing the programming.
  • Board list – including names and addresses; frequency of board members; and if you have a non-discrimination policy in place.
  • Supplemental materials (optional)
  • Financial Documents 

                Organizations with less than $250,000 in gross revenue:
                    NYS Office of the Attorney General Charities Bureau Form 500 unaudited
                    IRS Form 990 990EZ or 990PF with attachments
               Organizations with $250,000-$750,000 in revenue:
                   NYS Office of the Attorney General Charities Bureau Form 500
                   IRS Form 990 with attachments
                   Accountant’s Review or Independent Public Accountant’s Opinion
               Organizations with total revenue over $750,000:
                   NYS Office of the Attorney General Charities Bureau Form 500
                   IRS Form 990 with Schedule A and attachments
                   Independent Public Accountant’s Opinion

If you have any questions about this application or the guidelines, please contact Arts Mid-Hudson for technical assistance. Grants@artsmidhudson.org   (845) 454-3222

This Final Report form for 2020 Decentralization Grant funded projects will help Arts Mid-Hudson to advocate for continued financial support in our region for the arts. If you have questions about what to submit here, or would like to provide additional information, please email grants@artsmidhudson.org

Final Budget Form (download here)

Sample Photo Release Form (download here) provided for your use, we do not need this form uploaded. By uploading photos below you are ensuring that you have used a photo release form for individuals pictured under 18 years of age.

Questions?  Contact Arts Mid-Hudson Grants Team:
grants@artsmidhudson.org or 845-454-3222.


For all 2020 Dutchess Partners in the Arts Programmatic Support Awardees:  please use this form to submit Quarterly Reports for 2020 Dutchess  Partners in the Arts Funding.  
Please indicate for which quarter this report is being submitted. 

Download Quarterly Report form: https://artsmidhudson.org/app/uploads/2020/06/DPA-Quarterly-Report-Form-1.xlsx

Failure to submit this report by the deadline may jeopardize future funding opportunities.
Thank you!

Complete the questions on the final report form, upload required attachments, and submit by the deadline selected on your Awardee Information Form. The final deadline for final reports is January 4, 2021.

Sample Photo Release Form (download here) only needed if applicable

Questions?  Contact Arts Mid-Hudson Grants Team:
grants@artsmidhudson.org or 845-454-3222.


Arts Mid-Hudson is compiling information about the impact of COVID-19 on our grantees and awardees. Please use this form to tell us about changes to your program or initiative. We will work with all grantees and awardees on a case by case basis to determine next steps.

We are here to help. Please feel free to make a technical assistance appointment after submitting this form to discuss your program or how COVID-19 is affecting your organization or artistic practice.  https://artsmidhudson.youcanbook.me/ 

Arts Mid-Hudson COVID-19 Resource List:  https://artsmidhudson.org/covid19-resources/ 

This form will remain open. If there is a change to the status of your program, please feel free to submit the form again. Thank you for helping us gather this information.

Arts Mid-Hudson